Why Lifeguarding is a Great Job

Posted by Sami Leonis on Jan 22, 2020 9:57:51 AM

Lifeguarding may come across to some as an intimidating, physically demanding job. Many people are scared away from the idea of lifeguarding and being responsible for the safety of others. In reality, lifeguarding is a wonderful, rewarding job, full of many different benefits for those who take the leap and become trained. This blog explores those benefits and gives some resources to finding a certification class and applying for a lifeguarding job near you.

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Becoming a lifeguard requires passing a certification course that involves two days worth of training, in order to properly master specific life-saving techniques involved with water emergencies. Once the certification course is passed, individuals are given a wealth of knowledge to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Lifeguards have the ability to be the “hero.” They know how to safely remove victims from the water, perform CPR to resuscitate an unconscious victim, and how to correctly use an AED in the event of an emergency. They also know what to do if someone gets hurt on the pool deck and needs first-aid attention, as well as what to do if someone is choking. Overall, lifeguards are qualified and get to wear that badge with honor.

Lifeguarding is a great job for those who want to stay active at work. Many may think that lifeguards spend their entire shift sitting in a chair, but this is entirely false. A great lifeguard spends their time on the clock roaming the pool, as to accurately scan all areas. A great lifeguard also spends their time engaging with patrons, helping clean up the pool deck, and enforcing the pool rules. Lifeguards get “in-serviced” during their shifts as well, meaning that a manager tests them on certain life-saving skills to keep the information fresh. Lifeguards get to spend their shifts outside, in beautiful weather, surrounded by sunshine! What more could you ask for?

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Premier Health and Safety offers lifeguarding certification classes in Orange County almost every single weekend, year-round. For individuals who would love to get certified and work in a gorgeous beach city, surrounded by beautiful scenery, Premier Aquatics is the right place for you! Employees at Premier are apart of an awesome work family. Working for Premier means flexible hours, great incentives, and a lot of fun. For those not local to Orange County, the American Red Cross offers many different options to attain a Lifeguard certification, so log on and find a class near you!

Overall, lifeguarding is an awesome, rewarding, special, and fulfilling job. Lifeguards are respected as honorable members of their community, by being certified to keep others safe in and around the water. Apply to be a lifeguard today and truly enjoy your job!

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