Why Everyone in Your Office Should Know CPR

Posted by premierhealthandsafety on Sep 18, 2019 11:30:00 AM

You never know when or where accidents will happen; with so much time being spent at the workplace, it is a good idea to be prepared in case of emergency. One of the best safety skills to have as an employee is CPR, here’s a few reasons why:


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  • It saves lives: Providing CPR to a victim in need can mean the difference between life and death. If an employee was to enter into cardiac arrest, uneducated fellow staff members would undergo emotional distress wishing that they could do something to help their coworker. Knowing what to do in this situation can help keep others calm and save a life.
  • It decreases worry: Employees can feel more confident in the workplace with the assurance that they can and will receive help if an accident were to occur.
  • It shows employees that the company cares: Incorporating CPR into a company’s safety culture shows employees that the company is concerned about the health and well-being of their staff; this increases morale and makes employees more likely to want to come to work each day.
  • It reduces accidents and recovery time: Knowledge of CPR and first aid training will help employees avoid accidents in the workplace. In the process of getting certified, those in training will also learn how to prevent possible hazards from occurring. Quick action can decrease the recovery time of victims by preventing the situation from getting worse.




Clearly, there are many benefits of being CPR trained for the workplace. Not to mention, employees can also use these skills anywhere- not just in the office! Create a safer workplace today and sign up for a group CPR class!

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