The Importance of Learning The Heimlich Maneuver

Posted by Tom Senkus on Feb 13, 2019 11:34:46 AM

The Heimlich Maneuver is credited to a German-American thoracic surgeon, Dr. Henry Heimlich, by the Journal of American Medicine. Dr. Heimlich first wrote of the idea of how to come to the aid of people who are choking in June of 1974, in a medical paper known as Emergency Medicine. The procedure consists of standing behind victim having problems speaking, breathing, and coughing, and first slapping their back five times. Next, while still standing behind the victim, you will place clenched fist just above navel and below rib cage. Your other hand will go over the fist and push inward and upward five times. Repeat back slaps and abdominal thrusts until food or other item is dislodged.   
When Dr. Heimlich wrote his idea for Emergency Medicine, he referred to the procedure as subdiaphragmatic pressure — and that is quite a mouthful to speak! Both Doctor Heimlich and Premier Health and Safety understand that choking is nothing to take lightly and every second does count! Heimlich and Premier Health And Safety agree this simple procedure should be common knowledge to the general population.  


Choking Signs 
The expression all ‘choked up’ is a metaphor for having strong emotions of sadness or happiness over an unexpected situation that one experiences.  The victims of such ‘choking’ experience are usually able to regain composure by their power.  There are also the times when an athlete or a student has a lot of pressure placed on them to excel in a given situation, but under the strain of pressure, the person is said to have ‘choked up’ or underperformed. This person will recover from this temporary emotional situation. However, when an adult or child begins choking and cannot get their breathing back to normal, is coughing uncontrollably, and facial skin is getting red and then pale, this can be due to an obstruction of the airway passage by a foreign object, food, or perhaps excess phlegm due to a bad cold. At the first sign of seeing such choking in an adult or child, call 911 for emergency assistance. If one knows how to use the Heimlich Maneuver to assist victim — do so! Choking episodes can cut oxygen to the brain and cause loss of consciousness.  
Choking should not be taken lightly and every second does count in assisting the victim.  


Premier Health And Safety 
Premier Health And Safety, based in Orange County and Riverside, California, has been serving the needs of individuals, emergency responders, and business corporate response team members for years to help people understand the signs, symptoms and the difference between cardiac arrest, heart attacks, and the varied reasons for breathing difficulties — including choking. To sign up for a class that will give you the knowledge of multiple different life-saving skills, visit 

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