The Importance of Getting a Babysitter Certification

Posted by premierhealthandsafety on Sep 4, 2019 11:30:00 AM

Babysitting is a fun way to make some money for middle school and high school students, but child care also comes with big responsibilities. While the necessities for child care may seem like common sense, many preteens and teens are unprepared when emergencies arise. Taking babysitting courses can help prepare you for any issue you may encounter while watching over kids.



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Gain Parents’ Trust

Not only are certified babysitters more confident and prepared, but parents also have greater peace of mind knowing that their children are in good care. Having a certification in hand when applying for a babysitting job will greatly increase your chances of getting hired. You will impress parents, and ensure them that you can provide the greatest level of care for their little ones.


Make More Money

Certified babysitters can also charge more! Studies have shown that 80% of parents will pay more for a babysitter who is certified. Taking one course with Premier gives you a certification that is valid for the rest of your babysitting career; one short, easy class can set you up to make significantly more money.


Our babysitting course is designed for students ages 11-15 and teaches skills such as how to provide care for infants and children, emergency procedures, and how to recognize certain behaviors. They also learn how to make play-time fun with appropriate games! Certified sitters keep children safe, engaged, and entertained. Additionally, our courses teach students how to build a babysitting business, and the leadership skills needed to do so. Want to learn more? Sign up for a babysitting course today!

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