The Difference Between Blended Learning and Full Service Courses

Posted by premierhealthandsafety on Oct 2, 2019 11:15:00 AM

Everyone learns differently, which is why we offer courses in multiple styles. Whether you are a hands on learner or prefer learning from home, we have classes to accommodate your needs! Let us help you find what class works best for you.



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Blended Learning Course:

  • What is it? A blended learning course is a combination class of online learning and an in-person skills session. Even though a portion of this class is taught online, the content learned is equivalent to a traditional course – just with less time in the classroom! A blended learning class last approximately one and a half hours in the classroom.
  • Who is it best for? A blended learning course is best suited for people who prefer to work at their own pace. Rather than spending more time in the classroom, a blended learning course allows people to complete a portion of their certification around other responsibilities and from the comfort of home. A blended course is also best for people looking to get re-certified. This is a great option because those who have been certified in the past have the option to test out of online course content that they already know!


Full Service Course:

  • What is it? A full service course allows participants to become CPR certified in one hands-on class setting. In this type of class, those getting certified have assistance and direction provided by an instructor at all times! A full service course last approximately five hours.
  • Who is it best for? A full service course is best suited for participants who prefer more hands-on practice and direct assistance from a professional, typically those who have never learned CPR or first-aid before. In this setting, participants get to learn from live demonstrations, practice themselves, and can ask more questions! A full service course is great for those getting certified for the first time.

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