The Best Gift to Give This Holiday Season: Saving a Life

Posted by Erica Funk on Dec 11, 2019 9:00:00 AM

With the Holiday season approaching quickly, there is no better time to give the gift of saving lives. How about giving loved ones CPR and First Aid education and training for life saving skills? It’s an extremely thoughtful gift and unfortunately a gift that many don’t think will be useful until faced with an incident. I never thought to give a loved one this type of gift until I got the dreaded phone call that my father was in the hospital because he became unconscious from choking. Thankfully, a bystander nearby had basic CPR and First Aid training was able to instantly react to save his life. If that bystander wasn’t there and knowing that no one else in my family has training, my father would have had a different outcome.

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Here are 3 more reasons why you should gift CPR and First Aid training to loved ones provided by  Lawrence Phillips, MD, is a cardiologist at NYU Langone Medical Center. 

  1. CPR saves lives. More than 300,000 people have cardiac arrests in the United States every year.  Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when an electrical rhythm problem occurs, and the heart is no longer able to pump blood effectively to the rest of the body. You might see a person suddenly collapse, lose consciousness, and stop breathing. The longer the body goes without circulation, the lower the chance of survival. By performing CPR, you are able to help the person's blood keep circulating until an ambulance arrives and more advanced tools can be used. We know that the chance of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest increases significantly, by more than double, when CPR is started early.
  2. CPR is not performed enough. Would you be surprised to learn that bystander CPR is done less than half of all out-of-hospital cardiac arrests? National statistics have shown that only 15 to 30 percent of people who experience sudden cardiac arrests outside of hospitals receive bystander CPR. When people are asked why they would not give CPR, a very common answer is that they never received training. Other concerns, such as doing harm to the person, doing harm to oneself, legal risks, or concerns about infection, often diminish once people learn proper CPR techniques.
  3. Most cardiac arrests occur in the home. More than 85 percent of cardiac arrests take place at home. In his office at NYU Langone Medical Center, Doctor Lawrence Phillips frequently hears stories from patients about how their lives were saved because of CPR performed by a husband, wife, child, or friend.

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Knowledge is power and a wonderful gift; the America Red Cross would agree. They push to bring CPR training to everyone, so anyone can have an experience. Premier Health and Safety is partnered with the American Red Cross to bring high level certified training to Orange County, Murrieta, and Irvine.  For those in different areas, the American Red Cross offers classes all over the map. I personally am thankful for friends and peers who are ready to act when needed. So take the challenge. If you, your friends, or your family don’t know basic live saving skill’s, give the gift of knowing how to save lives. Check our website and the American Red Cross and find classes near you today. 

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