Team Building at Work: Simple Workplace Activities

Posted by Daylen Degelsmith on Dec 18, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Team building exercises can be a great way to get to know the people you work closely with. From activities to boost creativity to social gatherings, we can better understand how to work best with our coworkers and peers.  When we work together with people on projects, it is important for the team to know and trust each other to be able to work cohesively and effectively together. There are so many different ways to get to know your team better and build trust amongst the team - read up on our favorites below!

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  1. Talking in Circles

            This activity aims to develop better communication and coordination amongst team members. To begin, have your group stand in a circle holding a long piece of string tied at the ends to form a circle. One person will be outside of the circle and will direct the others. The team around the string is instructed to create shapes with the string - square, triangle, star, etc. To increase difficulty, some team members can be blindfolded or muted for an added challenge to communication. Start off with easier shapes, but build up to more fun and more difficult things. The best one my team ever completed was a dinosaur!

  1. Gravity Hoop

            The Gravity Hoop is another hands-on activity to increase communication within the team. For this activity, have 4-5 people stand around the outside of a hula hoop. They will start with the hula hoop resting at chest level on only the back of their index fingers. The goal is to get the hoop to the ground without any fingers coming off of the hula hoop. If any fingers are not touching the hoop at any point, the team must start over. Holding or grabbing the hula hoop is not allowed. The team must work together to lower the hoop while maintaining contact between the hula hoop and the back of all index fingers. The Gravity Hoop is a difficult activity to master, but the benefits of completing the task are increased communication and a sense of accomplishment for the team!

  1. Make Vision Boards

            A Vision Board can help a team to understand where each team member is coming from and how they see a project coming together. While many teams have conversations about what their visions are, a Vision Board brings in a new aspect of communication - visualization. The goal of a Vision Board is to convey your vision for a project or team through pictures. You do not have to be a great artist for this to work. In fact, the less confident you are in your artistic abilities, the better this activity works! It takes a solid vision to be able to illustrate a vision artistically and it takes trust to be able to show your team members. Have each member of the team spend 10 - 15 minutes drawing out their vision and what is important to them (don’t use any words on your paper) and then re-group to share your Vision Boards and explain them to each other.

  1. Get CPR Certified

            Taking time as a team to focus on something that isn’t directly work related can be extremely beneficial to everybody’s mental health. Find a CPR class to bring your team to (some will even come to you!) and get everyone some safety training together. In a CPR Certification course, you and your team will learn the basics of first aid, how to properly administer CPR to save a life, and how to operate an AED. This is a great activity to build trust amongst the team and will increase safety in the workplace as well! To sign your team up for a course, visit our website and begin your journey into a safer work environment.


  1. Balloon Questions

            When you begin working in a new team or want to get to know your coworkers better, this is a great activity to use! Give each person a strip of paper, a pencil, and a balloon. Ask them to write a question on the paper, put it into the balloon, and then blow up the balloon and tie it. Once everyone is finished, instruct the group to throw the balloons up in the air and have them attempt to keep all the balloons in the air for as long as possible. After a few seconds, have each person grab a balloon (not their original one) and sit in a circle. Each person takes a turn popping the balloon that they took and answering the question on the paper. For small groups, you can have each person answer every question. The goal of Balloon Questions is to learn about team members in a stress-free, fun, and interactive way.

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